Hello World !

What for many years was just a distant dream, just became reality!  On January 1st, I’m leaving all what’s dear to me for about a year but what an exciting new adventure I’ll get in return… a trip around the world!   Discovering what our amazing blue planet has to offer, meeting local people in some of the most remote area’s, experience local life & learn as much as possible about their tradtions, culture, customs & cuisine.

With this blog I would like to keep my family & friends informed of my whereabouts, my adventures along the way, the places I visit, the experiences I live. Feel free to give me some advice as I travel, nice places I definitely should do, intresting people/friends/family I should meet.  And if you are living or travelling in a place I’m visiting or if you are simply keen to join me along the way… just drop me a line !

Feels pretty unreal to finally fulfill this dream.  But I’ve always been a dreamer…  the time has come to be a do’er !

Get connected and join me on this journey!

3 Responses to “Hello World !”
  1. Shola Babb says:

    This is fantastic!!! I hope you enjoy your trip immensely and that you return with great stories and wonderful friendships.

  2. alliblair says:

    What gave you the final push to do it?? I think about a RTW trip just about every day…

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