What to pack for a worldtrip ?

In exactly 2 weeks, I will be on my way for a huge journey!  Time to organize things and pack my bags…  But what do I need to pack for a worldtrip?  What are the things I have to think about?

deuter_aircontact_pro_60_15As a backpacker, the first and most important thing is of course to choose the best travel partner possible… finding the perfect backpack that will give me the flexibility while travelling, that will get the load off my shoulders and still give me enough space for all my belongings.  I drove around to so many shops, tried so many backpacks and in the end I opted for the Deuter Aircontact Pro 60+15. That’s of course a very personal choice, so if you need one just go out there, try bunches of them like me and choose your perfect match.

What do we need to pack?  Don’t forget that you have to carry everything you will bring along !  Let’s see…


passpoortPassport & other documents.  Take a copy of all your documents, flight tickets, etc. and hide it somewhere in your backpack.  E-mail them to yourself as well, just in case. Don’t forget to include your contact details, itinerary, places where you will stay, etc so that whoever finds it, can track you down easily if genuine. Doubling up information increases the chances you’ll get your stuff back quickly.


credit_card_money_rtgMoney.  My advice would be to get yourself a pre-paid mastercard & put regularly small amounts on it.  You may pay a little more for every transaction, but it’s the safest way not to lose a huge amount when robbed.  Here in Belgium, you can find such a pre-paid Bpaid Mastercard at bpost.

Travel insurance.  Another important aspect is to travel without worries.  You never know what could happen.  That’s why a travel insurance is a good option, especially for longer, adventurous trips.  Check the conditions when you look for one because most classic travel insurance cover you only for about 3 months.  My choice went to the “Prestige” contract from Europ Assistance.


uc_agentInsurance for laptop / smartphone / camera.  The modern traveller often carries valuable electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, camera’s.  Unfortunately those items will be very vulnerable for theft.  Even by people you would never expect it from like co-travellers or even “friends”.  It’s sad to say but also here, it’s best to take some precautions and protect yourself.  A thing to consider is to also take a insurance for those devices.  For your laptop and/or smartphones you can also consider the very efficient tracking software Undercover (Mac) & Lo-Jack (PC) to retrieve your belongings with the help of the local police.   Other tips to avoid theft are not to flash with your stuff, don’t borrow your stuff to co-travellers, but keep it very low profile and always log out on your laptop when finished (protected by password)!  That way the thief will not be able to access your stuff and everything will be untouched if ever found.

Back-up your photo/video material.  Last summer a very good friend of mine told me a horrible story!  She met a couple during her travels in South-America.  They were travelling for a whole year and were at the end of their journey.  They were on a bus when suddenly they heard a ‘Bang’.  Didn’t see anything so the bus continued it’s journey.  A few moments later, another ‘Bang’ echoed.  Now it was clear that a backpack fell of the roof of the bus.  It was the woman’s backpack.  google-drive-comparion3-550x291Everybody realized now that the first ‘bang’ had to be a backpack as well so they checked the roof and it appeared the guy’s backpack was missing.  The bus drove back but of course… no backpack!  The couple went crazy as all their memories (read photo material on SD cards) were in that bag!  All was lost forever!  I would be ready for the madhouse if that happened to me!  So one good advice… back-up, back-up, back-up!  Did I mention to back-up?  There are so many online storage facilities nowadays such as Google Drive, DropboxSkyDrive, iCloud and a dozen more!  Besides that you can also buy yourself a very light & compact hard drive or usb stick.  Be cautious if you’re using Internet cafe’s to back-up your stuff as the same friend got a virus on her SD card when inserting it in the computer, deleting all her files!  


IMG_2364Travel adapter.  Different continents means different electrical plugs & voltages.  A compact and easy solution is a travel adapter.  This one is the Worldwide Travel Adapter of Go Travel.  Keep in mind that it’s not a converter!  So you still need to check the voltage first on your devices before plugging in!



Waist wallet.  A safe way to keep your valuable documents & your money safe, is a waist wallet.  This CoverSafe 100 waist wallet from PacSafe comes with an  high-tensile stainless steel wire & offer high levels of security with a slashproof belt, tamperproof zippers and hidden buckle to ensure maximum safety of your valuables. The removable water-proof pouch also helps to protect your valuables in hot, humid and tropical climates.

IMG_2380Light clothings.  When travelling for several months, the big problem is… what clothes to take?  Don’t forget you’ll have to carry it all!  One or two items of each category should be fine to start.  We can always buy cheap clothings along the way, give some clothes away, …  You also need to consider buying very light, compact clothes. A huge variety of warm, compact clothes can be found in your local sports shop.  Leave your heavy jeans & jackets at home!  Another tip to spare some room in your bag is to pack those clothes in plastic bags, squeeze the air out and zip it!


IMG_2359Last but not least… stay healthy!  Provide yourself with some basic medicines such as painkillers, mosquito spray, malaria pills,… depending on where you’re going.  They often come cheaper in your own country and easier to get.  Especially here in Belgium as they will come extremely cheap when prescribed by a doctor.  Use that advantage!   A perfect option here in Belgium is the Institute of Tropical Medicine  They will advice you what to do, what vaccins to take and you will get very detailed info about what to do to stay healthy while travelling!

I think those are the most important things but I”m aware that there are many things that I didn’t mention… So if you’re thinking of a very important one, be free to share it!

3 Responses to “What to pack for a worldtrip ?”
  1. Thanks for sharing. Coincidentally, I’m just doing my packing list today for Cambodia. PacSafe have some pretty cool stuff, some even with RFID-blocking devices these days. See eg. http://pacsafe.com/www/index.php?_room=3&_action=detail&id=239
    Unfortunately those RFID products cost 3 times as much here in Oz – call me a tight arse, but I’m waiting for them to go on sale post-Christmas!

    • I checked the link and indeed, pretty cool stuff! Don’t know if they sell it here… If you want, I can look for it and bring it when we meet in March.

      • Me again says:

        Oh, that’s very kind of you. I couldn’t resist in the end and went shopping last weekend. The guy at the shop offered me a 10% discount even though the official sale had not begun, so I thought what the hell… I now have the RFID 150 passport holder / organiser.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have just arrived at the hotel in Siem Reap and am waiting to check in. Hope you have a safe and fantastic trip and I look forward to hearing all about it!

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