Roadtrip on a riksja

Jaisalmer fort

Jaisalmer fort

After driving for hours in the desert, the city of Jaisalmer appears as a fata morgana on the horizon. This magical feeling only gets stronger when you approach the huge, golden city walls and the front gate.  The fort of Jaisalmer is nothing like the one in Jodhpur. In this fort people are still living inside the walls. The streets are extremely narrow to prevent sunlight to shine in, in order to get some freshness during summer and to keep some warmth in the city during winter. The houses have a typical architecture.  Inside the fort you’ll find the Jain temple as well,  a temple with South-Asian influences & the museum.

Me, Martha, Anna-Lee & Vijay

Me, Martha, Anna-Lee & Vijay

In this desert city, I was hosted by a very friendly guy, Vijay.  He is the manager of the Pol Haveli hotel, a very nice hotel with a really friendly staff, situated in the city center close to the market & on walking distance from the Jaisalmer fort.  The best about his hotel is the rooftop terrace with amazing views of the city and the fort.

Anna Lee getting her riksja fixed for the great adventure with Martha!

Anna Lee getting her riksja fixed for the great adventure with Martha!

It’s on that terrace that Vijay introduced me to 2 american girls, Anna Lee from Wyoming & Martha from New York.  Anna Lee had this crazy plan… she just bought an old riksja and was fixing it to hit the road all the way to the very south of India in Goa.  Not sure of it’s a great idea but it surely will be a great adventure!  Martha would be her first co-traveller for the first few weeks…  Read all about their roadtrip through India on

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