The wise man



After a long, crazy ride of 6h in a fully packed bus, where I nearly could squeeze myself between the crowd into a seat, I finally arrived in the holy city of Pushkar where I was hosted by Jagdish Kapri aka Swamiji, an unbelievable nice, wise man & yoga teacher. He’s an Indian by birth and lived his whole childhood in the Himalaya’s. After that he became quite a world citizen and lived all over the world in places like New York & Hong Kong. And all over India as well. Now he settled himself in Pushkar in the Old Rangji Mandir, Mandir meaning temple, near the sacred lake. But who knows for how long… As a person he’s very wise, spiritual & down-to-earth and a pleasure in conversation.

Swamiji & Yun

Swamiji & Yun

Swamiji also hosted a South-Korean woman named Yun. A very nice & intelligent woman who decided to take a gap year as well to travel the world. Unfortunately it was her last month but she enjoyed her year of travelling to the fullest.
In the evening we enjoyed a nice meal at the temple with his good friend and went to bed early.

The sacred lake

The sacred lake

The next day, we had to wake up at 6.30 for a warm bath, tea and at 7.30 we went for a walk around the sacred lake with Swamji as our personal guide. Followed by a relaxing yoga session in the temple. In the afternoon, Yun & myself hiked up the mountain just outside the city where we had an incredible view of the city.



We ran into really cute monkeys on our way up. Later we had a nice chat in the temple’s courtyard with Swamiji, talking about so many intresting topics… Unfortunately the day came to an end an I had to leave this amazing man to catch my train to my next destination… Jaipur! It was my first time on an Indian train. What a experience! Chaotic but one more unforgettable experience!

2 Responses to “The wise man”
  1. Paul Brants says:

    Hi, Didi, ik merk dat je daar prachtige dingen beleeft. Zo’n wereldreis is een enorme levenservaring waar je later nog veel aan zal terugdenken.
    Hopelijk heb je in de Indische Tempel veel gebedjes gedaan voor al die geweldige, ongelooflijk toffe collega’s die je hebt achtergelaten. 🙂
    Op onze beurt zullen wij een kaars branden in de Vegas zodat je veilig je weg kan verderzetten.


  2. Ja, geniet hier elke dag van al wa onze mooie planeet te bieden heeft! Uiteraard heb ik gebedjes gedaan voor al mn toffe collega’s 😉
    Bedankt en vele groetjes ginder aan de collega’s & Martine…

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