Angkor Wat

Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm

Siem Reap is the perfect getaway to the mystical temples of Angkor aka Yasodharapura. And so after meeting my dear Italian friend Alessandra, we rented a bike and cycled to this huge forest area.  Angkor counts more than 2000 tempels & spreads out on a total surface of 400km2! It has become the symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag and is the pride of all Khmers. No need to tell you that we only did a fraction during our stay there. It has a really mystical & spiritual vibe when you wander in this dense forest sheltering all those temples. We started of course with the most famous & best preserved temple of the Khmer Kingdom (802-1431), Angkor Wat.  Angkor meaning ‘city’ & and Wat ‘temple’. This ‘City of Temples’ was built in 27 years (1118-1145) for king Suriyavarman II & is the only one who remained a significant religious center until now.



After that we cycled to the most popular temple of Angkor, ‘Ta Prohm’ or ‘Rajavihara’. This temple has been left in pretty much the same condition in which it was found with trees growing out the ruins.
Another great temple is Bayon with its multitude of serene & massive stone faces on many of the towers. Bayon lies lonely in the middle of the forest, in a open place surrounded by massive trees & with a nice green carpet of grass on one side of it. It really has a spiritual vibe in my opinion when you take some time to stand still & contemplate this unique man made wonder.
Other temples on our cycling trip were Kutisvara, Ta Keao, Phimeanakas and so much more…

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