Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city

Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh as we know it today, got its name after the republic’s former presidents’ death. This city of 10 millions souls is situated in the south of Vietnam & is the biggest city of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh is a very modern city with huge skycrapers, large boulevards, modern architecture but didn’t lose its authenticity. You can find some classic influences and the typical markets & bazars. I stayed there for 2 days ’cause I’m not really a city minded person but I met several people who stayed there for much longer and who loved it!

Ulla & me

Ulla & me

One of those persons was Ulla, a Finish woman who was there for 10 days with her parents. Ulla took me & my friend Alessandra to a local jazz club  where we attended by chance a private concert of the Vietnamese prominent jazz legend Tran Manh Tuan. Ulla was a great fan since she attended his saxo  concert with her parents a few days ago in the Opera of Ho Chi Minh. I must admit that it was great jazz music indeed!  Afterwards we went to a local pub where we attended a local girls’ birthday party. Alessandra couldn’t stop laughing as I catched the attention of a local guy who didn’t hide his intrest in me. Luckily it remained a distant intrest…

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  1. I also visit there and I could make accommodation via Airbnb.com!

    Anyway, nice to meet you 😀

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