Mekong Delta

Making sugar candy

Making sugar candy

The Mekong Delta or ‘Nine Dragon river delta’ as the locals call it is a region in the south-west of Vietnam where the Mekong Delta empties into the sea through a network of canals.  I took a tour from Ho Chi Minh city and ended up in a mini-van filled with tourist & an very talkative local guide.  Not really my cup of tea.  We visited the region of My Tho, the capital of Tieng Giang province & the island of Con Qui (Tortoise Island) where one can find an abundance of dragon fruit, banana and papaya.  We visited some local workplaces too where locals made coconut candy over an open fire made from coconut shells. They had banana nut wine, souvenirs & snake wine as well.

Snake wine

Snake wine

Usually found in vats with rice wine poured in over the body of a snake and left to ferment for some weeks.  By preference venomous ones to have the snake poison dissolved in the liquor.   It is supposed to have medicinal qualities, such as disinfecting cuts and killing lurking bugs after meals.   Afterwards we took a canoe on one of the narrow canals and that part of the day trip was my favorite one.  I really enjoyed cruising between the dense, tropical vegetation before heading back …

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