2 lovely old women

Biking in Hoi An

Biking in Hoi An

Hoi An, my favorite spot during my journey in Vietnam. This small, ancient town simply got it all… authenticity, a nice blend of Oriental & French architecture, beautiful nature, lovely people, great food, exotic beaches… What more can we possibly ask for?  We rented some bikes and explored the area.
The most popular beach is Cau Dai. The perfect spot to relax afer a busy day. We met 3 lovely local ladies, Thi, Lanh & Chinh. Lanh & Chinh were older women who sat with us, at first to sell us their stuff but it became quickly a really nice conversation & we had such great laughs about the simplest things in life!

Great laughs @ Cau Dai beach

Great laughs @ Cau Dai beach

Afterwards we enjoyed the sounds of the waves, the feeling of the wind caressing our faces, the sunset.  I always thought those small things are the most memorable.

Another one happened in the ancient town. I was walking along the river towards the busy river bridge in the center. I saw a tiny, older Vietnamese woman, with the typical triangular hat, waiting to cross but afraid of all those youngsters speeding on their motorbikes. When I approached the crossroad, this old lady  spontaneously took my hand & I grabbed me firmly to cross the busy bridge. Her smile & tinkling eyes when we arrived at the other side of the bridge just touched me right in the heart. Even it was a normal thing to do, it felt so wonderful and reminds us that in the end we are all the same & that we should help one another, no matter how different or what ethnics we are!

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  1. alliblair says:

    Oh my gosh. Such amazing pictures!!!

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