The Nurse



I was dreaming of this day for so many years and it felt pretty unreal to finally fulfill this dream… Flyin’ all the way around to the other side of our beautiful planet in the Southern hemisphere to visit the Kiwi’s in New- Zealand aka Aotearoa, as the local Maori’s call it. Meaning ‘Land Of The Long White Cloud’.

New-Zealand consists of 2 islands, North Island & South Island. My journey began in Auckland, the biggest city in New-Zealand but compared to our norms, a rather small & relaxed city of 1.7 million souls situated on the north-east of the North Island. Auckland is a very green city with a beautiful harbour but although being the biggest city, it’s not the capital. Wellington is…


I was hosted by Lyndon, a very nice 29y old guy from the Phillippines who worked in Auckland for 8 years as a nurse in Auckland Hospital. He lived with his family in a very nice house in North Shore, a green & quiet outskirt of Auckland. He & his family gave e such a warm welcome! I met his uncle Leo first.

He was excercising on the home trainer while  Nelly, the mother of Lyndon & his auntie Virginia prepared a huge buffet of Phillippine food with Halo Halo, Adobo & some delicious seafood. I never saw that gigantic mussels! Apparently they came from the bay of Coromandel! Our famous Belgian mussels seemed suddenly so tiny. His father Manuel & 2 younger sisters Gizelle & Rosechelle joined us as well.

Sara & her Australian boyfriend

Sara & her Australian boyfriend

Later that evening, Lyndon was so kind to bring me into town to visit Sara, a Belgian girl from Bree that I met through couchsurfing. She lived downtown in Auckland with her Australian boyfriend. I was eager to find out how she experienced life in New-Zealand as a Belgian. Life here seemed to be more enjoyable, more relaxed. How can it be possibly different with such nice surroundings!

Afterwards Lyndon had to pick up Pilar, a Spanish girl who he hosted as well. We would hit the road and t the North Island the very next day… Time to hit the sack!

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