Visiting my parents in Chom Thian

Koh Larn

Koh Larn

Thailand, land of smiles… Love this country!  The abundance of tropical islands, rainforests, mountains, rivers, temples and their beautiful Buddhist religion, the delicious Thai food, the friendly people make this country really stand out!

I went to Thailand many times and explored the whole country in the past, but during this particularly trip I just went to Thailand for 3 days to visit my parents in Chom Thian, near (in)famous Pattaya, 2 hours south of Bangkok.   Pattaya is an overcrowded, over-touristic place full of bars, pubs & clubs.  Not the nicest place in Thailand!



When I arrived in Bangkok, coming from Laos, I was buying a ticket for the bus to Pattaya when suddenly this woman, who was clearly in a hurry, proclaimed a ticket while I was purchasing one.  She wanted to catch the 5.30 bus but the officer said she was too late & sold her a ticket for the 6am bus.  When I got my ticket, this woman  pointed me where I had to wait and apologized for her behaviour.  We started talking and so I met Janjevira, a 40-year old woman who looked 25.  She had a small tailor shop in Pattaya and came to Bangkok to purchase some new clothes for her shop.  We talked all the way on the bus and although I went many times to Chom Thian, she noticed that I hadn’t seen some of the great places over there like the island of Koh Larn & the view point overlooking the bay of Pattaya.  So she invited me the next day and showed me the nicest places in Pattaya.

The rest of my stay there, I spent with my parents relaxing at home & at the beach and  celebrating Chinese New Year.

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