Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

According to the legend, Tu-te-raki-whanoa carved out the fjords with his adze Te Hamo.  He started in the south with a rough coastline & many islands.  By the time he reached Piopiotahi aka Milford Sound, he had perfected his technique and carved an awe-inspiring fjord.   The Goddess of the underworld Hine-Nui-Ne-Po worried that once people had seen the fjord they would not want to leave, so she released sandflies… and I assure you, be prepared because you will be surrounded by dozens of them!  Te Namu (sandflies) are notorious residents of Milford Sound.  Only the females bite because they need protein to produce their eggs.. They do so by obtaining blood from the animals and also humans.

Te 'Milford Adventurer' & Mitre Peak

Te ‘Milford Adventurer’ & Mitre Peak

We booked a cruise with Juzy Cruises on the Milford Adventurer and sailed off..  Once on the cruise we enjoyed a breathtaking scenery and luckily Te Namu didn’t bother us that much during the cruise  We could enjoy the sheer granite cliffs towering into the sky, plunging into the depths of clear water, while Mitre Peak stands like a massive sentinel.  Mitre Peak rises to a height of 1692m & and forms one of the tallest mountains of the world rising directly from the sea level.  It’s one of the most dominant & photographed landmarks of Milford Sound.  Apart from Mitre Peak, the Juzy cruise brought us to Bowen Falls, Sinbad Gully, Seal Rock, …  Seal Rock is one of the few places where seals climb onto the rocks and show off, all year around !

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