Mekka of extremez



After a couple of relaxing days in Wanaka, a rural & pittoresk town at the edge of Lake Wanaka, we left for the slightly busier town of Queenstown.  Both are situated between the deep waters of respectively Lake Wanaka / Lake Wakatipu & the rugged, snow-topped peaks of the Southern Alps.  The appeal lies in the unique mix of picture postcards views, endless array of attractions & overflowing hospitality.  It is also  renowned for adventure and from all the corners of the world, people come to jump into thin air from a plane or on the end of a bungy cord. mountain bike and so much more extreme activities.

Red Bull bikers

Red Bull bikers

Stavros & myself were lucky enough to assist on a Red Bull Extreme Biking competition on our first day.  In the evening, I took the Gondola to bring me on top of the hill and man I was lucky again!  It had been cloudy all day when suddenly the sky opened giving me a breathtaking sunset on Queenstown & Lake Wakatipu.  After hours on the deck, I went back to the city & jumped into the nightlife.

Back in Aoraki (Mount Cook) we met 2 Portugese guys, both named Nuno.  They travelled for a few months as well and we shared some nice days in Queenstown.

Skydive with Dan

Skydive with Dan

One of them was a beautiful day at the Canyon Swing.  They all did this variation of the bungee jump twice.  I didn’t because I opted for skydiving the very next day.  My instructor was Dan, a guy from Chicago who found the job of his life here in Queenstown for about a year now.  I was surprised to have no fear or nervosity at all… On the contrary, I was really excited to experience the free fall.  I chose to jumo from 12000ft, what corresponds with 45sec. of free fall.  I hired a cameraman as well to record this unique once in a lifetime experience.  It was an unbelievable adrenaline rush and at the same time an breathtaking scenery seen from the top.  One of those moments in life that you will remember forever !  Enjoy the video here

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