Bruce Almighty



After an amazing journey in New-Zealand I flew to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Tasmania is an island south of Australia and is part of Australia as well. But one thing I learned right upon arrival… don’t ever ever tell a ‘Tassie’ that they’re Australian! That reminds me to my visit in Corsica.  Same thing, never ever tell them they’re French… you will be lynched on the spot!

Bruce & one of his lovely friends

Bruce & one of his lovely friends

Bruce, a Tassie from Hobart invited me to his home through couchsurfing and so he was so kind to pick me up at the airport.  Bruce showed me around in the city right away upon arrival and we visited the harbour, Salamanca square, the old quarter of Battery Point, …  Australia’s second oldest capital, set between the shores of the Derment river & the summit of Mount Wellington.  Unfortunately it was rainy day and the whole city was covered in grey and missed some lively colors but this guy made my stay in Hobart incredibly fun!  I invited him for a drink to thank him for his hospitality and a few minutes later I met Tony, a French globetrotter who stayed with Bruce as well.

BBQ @ Bruce's place with Tony & myself

BBQ @ Bruce’s place with Tony & myself

He proposed to have a bbq later that evening and so we headed to the supermarket before driving to Bruce’s place in the outskirts of Hobart.  He lives in a lovely home situated in a quiet neighbourhood on the hills overlooking the city.  Bruce was just an amazing host who helped me through my entire journey in Tassie!

After dinner we hit the city once again, met some of his friends, had some drinks and I met my fellow travellers as well, with whom I would travel around Tasmania for the next few days… Florian (Germany), Natasha (Scotland), & Cecile (France).

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