Lake Tekapo

Road Queenstown - Christchurch

Road Queenstown – Christchurch

Last day in New Zealand… Unfortunately a sad day but I can reflect on an amazing time in Aotearoa ‘The Land Of The Long White Cloud’.  It hasn’t stolen it’s name because on my way to Christchurch, where I would take my flight the very next morning, I could admire amazing & unique cloud formations in the sky.  It was my first & only day alone and I enjoyed every minute of this relaxing roadtrip who brought me to the famous blue ‘Lake Tekapo’.

Church Of The Good Sheperd

Church Of The Good Sheperd

On the shores of Lake Tekapo I found the Church of the Good Sheperd, built in 1935 as a memorial to the pioneers of the Mackenzie county.  Congregations worship regularly in the church, which offers awe inspiring views of the lake and mountains through the altar window.  I stayed in Lake Tekapo till sunset… I simply couldn’t leave that amazing place!  Once the sun set behind the mountains, leaving the surrounding in a shady atmosphere, I continued my way to Christchurch.   My last hours in New Zealand were a fact but a brand new adventure awaited me on the beautiful island of Tasmania.

One Response to “Lake Tekapo”
  1. alliblair says:

    The colours in these photos look photo shopped it’s so perfect. Breathtaking! I can’t WAIT to go to NZ!!!! One month to go! 🙂

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