Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

After a good night sleep in our tents, we drove to Cradle Mountain National Park.  This is Tasmania’s frontier region linking coast with wilderness, a region of rivers, caves, forests, lakes & mountains.  It’s an area of 1262 km2 of dramatic wilderness scenery and the famous ‘Overland Track‘, one of Tasmania’s most popular treks.  Cradle Mountain is a distinctive mountain in the park.  It’s dolerite columns are amongst the most recognisable and the area is a naturalist’s delight with unique fauna & flora including many species of migratory birds, eagles, wallabies & nocturial marsupials including the fabled Tasmanian devil!

We hiked all day long for about 6h return to reach the top of Cradle Mountain, starting in Rinny Creek.  Not an easy track but worthwhile the effort as it gives you breathtaking views once at the top.  One of the girls, Natasha took the lead and wanted to guide us but unfortunately she guided us to the wrong trails so we ended up doing steep trails, dangerous climbs, … but in the end I must admit that it was a much nicer way to explore the ferocious mountain.  See the ‘before & after’ of the 6h ‘Cradle Mountain’ hike…



At our return we had the chance to see some wombats & kangaroo’s.  Personally I had never seen a wombat, so it was an incredible experience to have the privilege to see one up close!  The kangaroos were too far unfortunately but I felt pretty comfortable that I would see them during my trip in Australia.  We pitched our tent in the small village of Gowrie Park & big was my surprise when suddenly we were surrounded by wallabies.  Not yet a kangaroo but lovely sight nevertheless!

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