Great Ocean Road

At the getaway of what would be one of my most beautiful experiences

At the getaway of what would be one of my most beautiful experiences

The Great Ocean Road… A legendary road that I was dreaming of doing for so many years!  And here I am, standing in Torquay for what will be one of the highlights of my trip!  Imagine… Nature’s drama unfolding itself as I drove along the dramatic coastline with its unspoiled green landscapes, pretty villages & stunning vistas, revealed at every turn.  I had the chance to share this experience with Nis, a Malaysian woman from Kuala Lumpur who joined me for this trip.  Our drive brought us to beautiful sights & towns such as Lorne & Apollo Bay.  This part of the coast reminded me a little bit to the Croatian coast actually… a road winding its way to stunning vantage points offering fantastic vista’s with a blue ocean, rising cliffs,…  Never thought the most beautiful part was yet to come!

The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles limestone stacks, off the coast between Princetown & Peterborough in the Port Campbell National Park are arguably the most famous & most beautiful site on the Great Ocean Road.  Those massive limestone rock formations rise up from the waves and tower above the sea.  Caused by erosion from centuries of wild weather, these impressive edifices will leave you spellbound as will the natural beauty of this dramatic, spectacular coast !   The Shipwreck Coast, home to the 12 Apostles, is rich with an array of unique natural rock formations such as London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge, Bay of Islands, …

Nis, Pat, Faith, Janet & myself... lovely encounter !

Nis, Pat, Faith, Janet & myself… lovely encounter !

At the spectacular site of the 12 Apostles, Nis & myself met 3 lovely women… Pat, Faith & Janet.  They were 3 sisters of 5, all above 75 and still together!  They all lived in Newcastle, New South Wales and were here on a trip as well.  We shared some lovely conversations and continued our journey after a while for more spectacular sceneries…

Once in Warrnambool I was astonished by all this natural beauty.   I can honestly say that this dramatic coastline, especially the part in Port Campbell National Park, was one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever laid eyes on !

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  1. Great Pictures. Did you try the Great Ocean Road iPhone or Android App?

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