Ken & Vicki

Ken & Vicki, unexpected but adorable CS couple

Ken & Vicki, unexpected but adorable CS couple

I maybe had one bad experience the past week with Rebeca but I still believe Couchsurfing is a wonderful initiative.  That’s the main reason why I’m part of it for about three years now.  I hosted & surfed with over more than 200 fantastic people and I love it!  Leaving Brisbane alone was the best decision I could make and the way to new, beautiful encounters was out there…  And it didn’t last long!  I was just driving out of Brisbane when I got a message of Ken & Vicki, a couple from the small township of Mooloolaba, situated 1h north of Brisbane.  It was raining cats & dogs and after glancing at their CS profile I understood that Ken & Vicki really seemed nice people so I decided to accept their invitation to meet them for tea.

Walking with Ken, Vicki & their dog Ebony near Moloolaba's lighthouse

Walking with Ken, Vicki & their dog Ebony near Mooloolaba’s lighthouse

I arrived at their lovely place along the seaside in Buddina, a small village next to Mooloolaba.  They offered me tea, we talked about our travels and went out for a walk to the lighthouse with their doggie Ebony.  Ken was retired but worked as an ingenier.  He worked on a revolutionary website.  His wife Vicki was a pharmaceutist.  We had such a great time that they offered me to stay the night and so I decided to continue my roadtrip to Noosa, along the Sunshine Coast, the very next day.  Vicki cooked us a delicious meal and after dinner we shared our passion for photography & videography and spent the evening watching each others travel videos… amazing & unexpected twist of events, exactly as I like it!



The Sunshine Coast starts at the Glass House Mountains & stretches along the pristine coastline from Caloundra to Rainbow Beach & Fraser island.  A glorious climate, white sandy beaches, peaceful riverways, everglades, swamps, lush rainforests & stunning scenery provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation, water activities, adventure & exploration. Mooloolaba is a scenic beachfront location that offers a complex system of riverways, sheltered beaches bordered by shady parks, playgrounds, boardwalks, glitzy beachfront shopping, dining & partying.

With Ken & Vicki at the local bio 'eco' market

With Ken & Vicki at the local bio ‘eco’ market

The next morning, Ken & Vicki took me to a local eco-market nearby with fresh, biological fruits & veggies and  while we were strolling around, I was contacted by Collin, a Dutch fellah who just arrived in Australia.  He was keen to join me for the roadtrip to Cairns and so his relatives in Brisbane brought him all the way to Mooloolaba.  After a short introduction, we hopped in the van and off we were!

My 'Queensland' travel buddies Andrea, Nicole & Collin

My ‘Queensland’ travel buddies Andrea, Nicole & Collin

Our first destination was Noosa.  Noosa is a region and consist of small townships such as Noosaville, Noosa Heads, Tewantin, …  The region is a natural beauty bordered by sea, river, rainforest, pristine lakes & national parks.  It’s relaxed lifestyle make it the perfect place to unwind.  Collin & me stayed in Noosa Heads, a town surrounded by the calm waters of Laguna Bay, Noosa National Park & the tranquil Noosa river.  Nicole, a German girl contacted me to join me for the roadtrip as well.  She arrived the next day and together with Andrea, a German woman we met in the hostel, we enjoyed a nice couple of days in beautiful Noosa with beach sunsets, nice walks in Noosa National Park where we met Constanza & her mother Salima from Chile.

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  1. stephsoul says:

    wow – the pictures look lovely!!! couchsurf on! 🙂

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