Fraser Island Adventure Tours

Fraser Island Adventure Tours

Fraser Island… A living, breathing natural treasure and world’s largest sand island named ‘K’Gari (meaning ‘paradise’) by the Butchulla people, island’s original inhabitants.  K’Gari was renamed ‘Fraser Island’ after sea captain James Fraser & his wife shipwrecked on the island.  The island is an example of contrast & contradictions…  rainforests that grow in the sand, silent fresh water creeks that flow under enormous, desert-like sandblows, …  That means also that only 4×4 vehicles can drive on the island so the only way to explore the island is to own or rent a 4×4 vehicle or join a tour.

75 Mile beach aka 'The Highway'

75 Mile beach aka ‘The Highway’

As you can imagine, many tour operators offer a heap of tours.  Nicole, the German girl who joined me for the roadtrip to Cairns & myself opted for a daytrip.  Many options there but ‘Fraser Island Adventure Tours‘ seemed the best option.  Their itinerary offered more than other daytours.  Collin stayed at Rainbow Beach, a small town where we took the ferry to Fraser Island.  Our guide was Tim, a local Ozzie who worked 8 years already for the company and I must say that he was good.   Our first stop for morning tea was at 75 mile beach,  a long stretch on the eastcoast that functions as ‘highway’ to the island.  White bellied sea eagles soared overhead, waves pound onto the beach while our 4×4 cruised up north.  Suddenly we drove inland into the rainforest, so primeval it grows plants that flourished in jurassic times.

Lake Mackenzie

Lake Mackenzie

The landscapes morphed from dunescapes & coastal heat to woodland to wallum scrub.  We drove narrow, sandy and by times steep tracks that brought us to Lake Mackenzie, a huge fresh water lake perched high above sea level and fringed by eucalypt forest with sand dunes rolling down into the water like fun-fair slides.  A perfect spot for relaxing & a refreshing swim.  While strolling around Lake Mackenzie we bumped into Andrea, a german woman we met a few days earlier in Noosa.  What are the odds!

SS Maheno Shipwreck

SS Maheno Shipwreck

After a nice ‘Australian’ BBQ we headed off to Central Station, a former logging township.  We walked through the rainforest which borders Wanggoolba Creek, a silent fresh water stream which meanders through the sand where trees such as the King Ferns & the Satinay grow in the creek beds.

Back on the famous 75-mile beach highway, the rusted skeleton of the ocean liner SS Maheno loomes in the distance.  What a mysterious place… A small GA8 Airvan soared above our heads what made the experience even stronger!

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

A few minutes further we marvelled at the spires of coloured sands in every shade of yellow & red… the Pinnacles.These cliffs were formed from dust blown from the central desert of Australia 800.000 years ago!  Iron in the clay has formed an iron oxide coating around the sand grains giving it different shades of color!

Our last stop was Eli Creek where fresh water pours out to the sea from an inland spring at the rate of 4.2 million litres per hour!  On our way back we spot Australia’s purest breed of dingo foraging in the dunes – an amazing wild animal, probably the most photographed one on Fraser island.

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