My first bad CS experience

Surfer's Paradise

Surfer’s Paradise

Leaving Byron Bay was not so easy as it was a unique place with a captivating atmosphere.  But still so many places to see… time to leave!  And so we left the state of New South Wales and entered the sunshine state, Queensland.  Tom & George, 2 English guys we met in Byron Bay joined us till Brisbane .  The first place we visited in the Gold Coast was the city of Surfers Paradise, colloquially known as ‘Glitter Strip’.  Surfers Paradise is a concrete jungle where glitzy entertainment, restaurants & shopping scenes meet the golden beach, quite literally.  Sun soaked sand beaches & warm clear waves are the main attraction of the city.  Gold Coast offers more than 300 days of sunshine a year, but unfortunately we visited the city on one of the 65 other days.  That was one of the reason that we didn’t stay long and continued our journey to Brisbane.



Brisbane is a compact city clustered around the river peninsula with streets laid out in a grid-like system.  It has a thriving cultural heart & beaches in South Bank, lush stretches of green grass & exotic plants in the Botanical Gardens, a shopping strip in Queens Street, …  Rebeca had some Mexican friends over  there near Roma Street Park and they offered us to stay with them.  We met Paul again as well and enjoyed all a night out in Brisbane’s sparkling nightlife.

As the night came to an end, it was also the end of my journey with Rebeca after one more unpleasant experience.

Carlos, Rebeca & Paul

Carlos, Rebeca & Paul

Rebeca & me met a week earlier trough couchsurfing  in Sydney for an amazing 3-week roadtrip up north to Cairns.  Unfortunately our personalities didn’t match and my first bad cs experience was about to happen. Rebeca seemed always to be stressed & in a bad mood but what shocked me the most was when she told me that her main reason for using couchsurfing was to find a free place to crash and that she didn’t care about getting to know the locals. And that’s exactly what happened here. She didn’t care about sharing this journey at all but I will spare you from all the details. Fact is that we didn’t connect a single second & that I left Brisbane the alone for some brighter days…

Before I left, I met up with Cecile. We met this French girl in Tasmania when we both joined Florian & Natasha for a roadtrip.   It was such a welcome positive note to meet her again.  Cecile worked as an ‘au pair’ in Brisbane in a family with 3 little devils and having some time off, she showed me some of the nice places in the city and we had dinner at the riverside followed by an exquisit chocolate dessert at the renowned ‘Max Brennan Chocolate Bar’.

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