Captain Cook

Town Of 1770

Town Of 1770

Captain Cook set foot in Queensland for the first time on May 24th, 1770 with his ship ‘Endeavour’. That place is now a small coastal town that honors that fact not only by streets named after him but even by the town’s name…  ‘Town of 1770’.  It lies in a bay filled with sand banks, surounded by pristine tropical forests. I expected to see a touristic place but Town of 1770 kept its charm.

Bundaberg brewery

Bundaberg brewery

A few hours earlier we passed Bundaberg, known for its rhum. We visited the factory/brewery on our way to Town of 1770.

Our next destination was Emu Park, another small town on the east coast with 2 main beaches & getaway to the Keppel Islands, named by captain Cook himself! Cook cruised this area on May 25-26, 1770 and that was honored here as well by sculpture on the highest hill in town facing the ocean.
While strolling around in Emu Park we met Robert. Robert was a veteran from the Vietnam war and runned the RSL (Returned & Services League) where twice a week everyone was welcome to learn more about the veterans during the war.  Intresting man who talked about his past and gave us some good tips as well on our way up north. And so we ended up in Eungella, a national park north of Mackay.

The elegible platypus

The elegible platypus

Eungella is one of Queensland’s most ecologically diverse locations & home to an array of fauna & flora such as the Eungella day frog, the tulip oak, the spiny cray, the honeyeater but Eungella is especially known for its elusive wild platypus.  We walked around and explored its pristine nature, wildlife, waterfalls, rainforests & especially the river… And there he was, along a dozen of turtles by dusk… the very rare platypus!

By nightfall, we drove back and stayed the night in the National Park where we met Shaun & Wendy from Malbourough near Hervey Bay.  Shaun was a tour guide and a very talkative but incredible fellah.  We talked for hours and hours flew by… The next morning we left after a nice breakfast for Airlie Beach, getaway to the amazing Whitsundays.

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