Fancy That Costumes

My lovely friends Gino & Belinda

My lovely friends Gino & Belinda

I must honestly say that I’m not such into cities but when I laid eyes on Sydney’s magnificent harbour I realized I was standing in one of the most beautiful or maybe the most beautiful city in the world!  Captain Arthur Philip, commanding the First Fleet, already described Sydney’s Harbour in 1788 as ‘one of the finest harbours in the world’!  He established right on that spot the first European colony on the Australian continent, now known as ‘The Rocks’.
When I arrived in Sydney, I was invited by Belinda & Gino, a lovely couple I met in My Son, Vietnam back in January.  We only spoke for like 10 minutes when Belinda kindly offered me to show her amazing city if I ever made it to Sydney.  And here i was… I gladly accepted her kind offer & met them in Belinda’s renowned costume shop, ‘Fancy That Costumes’.  Her partner Gino, an Italian by birth who lived in Sydney for more than 10 years now, is a professional photographer.  His work was a treat for the eye and it was so intresting to see his achievements.  Being myself a passionated photographer, it was great to learn from a professional.  Have a glance at his work on  They were so kind to take me right away to the harbour and as I said earlier, I was astonished by the beauty & the grandeur of it!  I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the city. But the night had fallen and we went for dinner in one of the harbour’s chique restaurants.

Sydney Harbour bridge

Sydney Harbour bridge

Sydney is of course a world famous city with its well-known Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi beach , … but the city has also hidden gems such as Lane Cove National Park, the Royal National Park, the Botanic Gardens, Manly and so much more!  It’s an enormous city with so much to see and as usual my time was limited, unfortunately, so I only had the opportunity to see a small part of it.
Belinda & Gino’s hospitality had no bounderies. They invited me in their home in the north of Sydney for a couple of days. For the short amount of time that I spend in the city, they showed me around in the center and took me on a ferry ride in Belinda’s native suburb, Manly.  it’s nestled on a peninsula bounded by the Pacific Ocean and Sydney’s Harbour. The ferry ride gave me a beautiful view on both Manly & Sydney’s Harbour.

Climbing 'The Three Sisters'

Rebeca climbing ‘The Three Sisters’ (Blue Mountains)

On my last day in Sydney I met Rebecah, a 25yr old Mexican girl who was keen to join me for my trip up north. Our first stop was ‘The Blue Mountains’ in the Penrith Valley, just outside of Sydney. It offers spectacular views, lakes, rivers, mountains and the famous rock formation known as ‘The Three Sisters’. Unfortunately there was a thick mist that day and you couldn’t even see your own hands in front of you.  We decided to go back and meet the following day to start our trip up north…

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