A touch of French

Bulabog Beach, Boracay

Bulabog Beach, Boracay

I would like to start with some practical info. Good to know is that when you take a flight with Air Asia to Boracay you will arrive in Kalibo on the island of Panay. From there there will be many busses waiting to bring you to the jetty in Caticlan. The bus ride is about 1h30 and will cost you 200-250 pesos (4-5€) including the boat (not the fees). At the jetty you’ll need to take the ferry for about 15 minutes, who operates all day all night. The price by day is 25 pesos, at night 100 pesos (2€) if you didn’t take a combi ticket. Add the terminal fee (100 pesos) & the environmental fee (75 pesos) to that. Once on Boracay you can take one of the many tricycles for about 100-150 pesos or a local shuttle for 25 pesos per person to the center.

Exploring the island of Boracay

Exploring the island of Boracay

Boracay Island is a great place for just lazing around & again I was tempted to relax all day and drink delicious cocktails with a straw…  Instead, I rented a motorbike on my first day and explored the beautiful tropical island. White sand beaches, sweeping palm trees & clear blue water are the main attraction on the island.  9 km long & only 1 km wide at its narrowest point, Boracay’s largest villages or ‘barangays’ are Yapak, Balabag and Manoc-Manoc.   A confusing network of paths, tracks  & several smaller hamlets called ‘sitios’ connects them, so the map of Boracay could only serve as a general guide. Renting a motorbike was never so expensive than in Boracay. In most South East Asian countries they charged me 5€/day. In Boracay they charged me 30€/day after using all my negotiating skills! Initial price is 50€/day !

Salome, me, Jenny & Lionel @ White Beach, Boracay

Salome, me, Jenny & Lionel @ White Beach, Boracay

On my second day I met Lionel, Salomé & Jenny. Lionel was a half Phillippino half Israelian guy who lived & worked in Marseille, France. His cousin Salomé had Tunisian roots and lived in Paris. Jenny was a local girl who worked in the French hotel/restaurant ‘La Reserve’ in the popular bay ‘White Beach’ where Lionel & Samomé had a room. I had a room on the other side at Bulabog beach where the contrast couldn’t be bigger!  Quiet atmosphere, calm waters where White Beach is bursting of bars, pubs & restaurants.  We spent some fabulous days together, relaxing on the beaches, tasting the delicious local food, exploring the island & the lively nightlife. Another thing we did was an island & snorkeling tour around the island. It brought us to this fabulous bay, Ilig iligan dotted with 3 small islands, pristine coral reefs, colourful fish, … Just beautiful!

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  1. amzie23 says:

    Looks like paradise!

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