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The Dragon Boat festival was on and that means it was a nightmare to find a free seat / bed on the trains to Xi’an.  So in the end I had to opt for a flight.  This time I flew with Juneyao Airlines.  I must say there are better than Spring Airlines because for the same price your luggage & a snack/water is included.  Spring Airlines made me pay 220Y extra for 18kg of luggage.  At my arrival in Xi’an Intl Airport, I took the airport shuttle bus right outside to the Bell Tower in the city center for 26Y.



Xi’an was known as Chang’An in ancient times is more than 3100 years old.  For thousand of years it was the capital for 13 dynasties & 73 emperors! No wonder that the grounds where the new city lies upon contain a whole lot of historical ruins, museums, cultural relics and so on.  It is also one of the reasons why Xi’an, as one of the few, doesn’t have a proper subway network as it’s extremely delicate with all the history lying underneath.

Kim, Xinjing, Yezi & myself @ Grandmother's restaurant

Kim, Xinjing, Yezi & myself @ Grandmother’s restaurant

Today the city has a pleasant cosmopolitan flair to it.  The city, most known for it’s Terracotta Warriors & Mount Huashan, is the capital of the Shaanxi province and is located in the southern part of the Guanzhong plain.  With the Qinling mountains to the south & the Weihe river to the north, it’s in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water & hills.  The old city can be found inside the city walls, worth a visit while the new city expands outside of it.

I arrived in the evening and was hosted by Kim & Xinjing.  Kim was from Germany and came to live here when he met Xinjing, a teacher in the university of Xi’an.  They invited me straight away for dinner in Xinjing’s favorite retaurant ‘Grand Mother’s Impression’.  Yezi, a young girl from Nanjing who was hosted by them too, joined us.

Cindy & me shooting 'The Travel Channel' video @ the Drum Tower

Cindy & me shooting ‘The Travel Channel’ video @ the Drum Tower

The next day, Yezi & myself explored the city of Xi’an with it’s fortified city walls & around lunch time I met Cindy Xin.  Cindy contacted me when she saw my videos here and told me that ‘The Travel Channel’ in Beijing had open auditions to find their new host.  She asked me if I could make a nice travel video with her as host about travelling so she could join the audition.  I agreed and after discussing some practical things, we hit the streets and interviewed some locals & shot some nice footage in the streets of Xi’an.  It was actually great fun to explore the city that way.

The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors

Being in Xi’an and not seeing the Terracotta Warriors was not an option.  At the East Gate of Xi’an Railway Station North, I took the local bus for about 1h (7Y)  Emperorr Qin’s Terracotta Warriors are located 1.5km of Emperor QinShuhuang’s mausoleum, symbolizing the main defending force that guarded the capital before the emperor died.  The pits were never mentioned in the historical records until Pit 1 was discovered by local farmers in March 1974.  It is a huge subterranean earth & wooden structure and it’s assumed that more than 6000 pottery warriors & horses will be unearthed from this pit although most of the work is already done.  All the statues are in real life-size and exquisitely made, representing high technology in Chinese sculptural history.

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  1. Aren´t the terracotta soldiers just amazing!!!!

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