The jungle cabin

On my third day in Kaua’i I met Kelly, a teacher from San Francisco.  She was on a roadtrip in Kaua’i and I decided to join her for a 2-day trip down south.  Our first stop was Kauai’s main sites, the majesctic ‘Waimea Canyon’ & the Kalalau lookout overlooking the gracious Na Pali coast.

Our 'AirBnB hosts Candice & her stepdad Elwood.

Our ‘AirBnB hosts Candice & her stepdad Elwood.

In the past, Hawaiians lost their land too early settlers, but fortunately that’s changing now.  In towns such as Anahola & Waimea, Hawaiians get their land back at a very low rate meaning that Kaua’i has a huge concentration of Hawaiians in those 2 coastal towns, creating a historic community.  Kelly had arranged a jungle cabin through the ‘Air B&B’ website with a local family in Waimea.  Elwood and his step daughter Candice welcomed us in their Menehune B&B’ near the Waimea river & brought us to our cabin in the middle of the jungle next to the canyon.  Elwood was born & raised in Hawai’i and loved to tell about the Hawaiian history & traditions.   We were all ear…

The jungle hut

The jungle hut

Waimea is the name given to the town, bay, river canyon & the district, meaning ‘reddish water’.    The mighty Waimea river is responsible for creating the Waimea Canyon.  With its headwaters of Mount Wai’ale’ale, it’s one of the islands largest rivers.  Captain James Cook, landed here on January 20th, 1778 near the river mouth where early traders were able to enter in small vessels.

The jungle cabin

The jungle cabin

The jungle cabin was a real adventure.  Located in the middle of the forest with very basic facilities, no electricty, no running water, … and surrounded by Hawaiian wildlife.  At night, we had to walk through the pitch black forest watching every step to avoid dozens hopping frogs on our path.  All kind of exotic animals were quarking around us too what didn’t bother us so much except for that one, loud annoying noise similar to a donkey.  Strange enough it was not a donkey at all, but a small toad splashing around in the pond next to our cabin.  Hard to fall asleep but we tried to get some sleep anyhow.

Healthy Hawaiian breakfast

Healthy Hawaiian breakfast

The clear view on the stars, the swinging jungle sounds and the beautiful surroundings made up for all those minor inconveniences.

In the morning, we had a refreshing breakfast and drove to the oldest beach in Kaua’i, Polihale.  Polihale is a 7-mile  long stretch of golden sand beach framed by the west end of the Na Pali cliffs, sweeping sand dunes and a Ni’ihau capped ocean.   Only accessible by a 4-mile dirt road…

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