Jungle John

My CS host Molly

My CS host Molly

On my my last day in Maui, I met up with Molly through couchsurfing in her beautiful seaview apartment in Kihei. She lived for several years in Maui now and her friend Ted, a information technologist from Ohio who moved recently to Maui for work, joined us. Molly had organised for us  to go on the Wailua hike somewhere on the beautiful road to Hana.  The road to Hana is known to be extremely  windy but the beautiful green scenery seeps into you!  It exudes peace and one must take time to absorb it.

Jim, Glenn, Jungle John, Ted, Eleanor, Molly, Doris, Bob & me

Jim, Glenn, Jungle John, Ted, Eleanor, Molly, Doris, Bob & me

The Wailua hike was organised by Maui’s famous free-spirited hiker ‘Jungle John’. John organises such hikes on regular bases and people can join him through the famous ‘Meetup’ website. That day 5 other people joined the hike (Doris, Eleanor, Jim, Glenn & Bob) making it a total of 9 adventurers… ‘Outdoor Doris’, a passionated hiker from Canada who loved the outdoors spent a 5 week holiday in Maui. ‘Free-spirited Eleanor’ was the life-long hiking partner of John and we shared really nice chats & moments throughout the day with Doris. Jim, Glenn & ‘Silent Bob’ were Americans living and working in Maui for several years now.

Secret pathways & waterfalls

Secret pathways & waterfalls

Unique how ‘Jungle John’ led us through secret pathways along skyhigh cliffs, through jungle & rivers to several secluded waterfalls and waterholes and how free-spirited as he is, simply took refreshing swims in his ‘Adam’s costume’ as we say back home.  John had a great passion for his island and was keen to share his unique stories, anekdotes & all kind of info regarding the fauna & flora.
What a intresting day exploring the outdoors & meeting those lovely people. Doris never heard of couchsurfing and those meet-ups were new for her as well. Such a great way to share new things and meet intresting people with the same intrest!

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