Pacific Hghwy 1

With Muriel & Taavet @ El Matador beach, Malibu

With Muriel & Taavet @ El Matador beach, Malibu

‘The Great Ocean Road’ in Victoria, Australia was one of the highlights of my journey.  California has its own version of it and some claimed it to be better than ‘The Great Ocean Road’  I was eager to find out for myself and left LA on a cloudy morning for the famous ‘Pacific Highway 1’  Muriel, a young girl from Brasil & Taavet, a young fellah from Estonia responded on my rideshare and joined me for the trip. Many people adviced us to explore sites such as the beach of El Matador in Malibu, Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Carmel, Davenport beach & Santa Cruz, …   El Matador & Santa Barbara were places we explored on the first day.  El Dorado is a beach right passed Malibu with huge cliffs, sea caves, rocks, sandstones and a full array of wild birds.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara surprised me.  It’s a wonderful, hip beach town with authentic streets, beautiful golden beaches & beach walks, an amazing pier and an exquisit harbour.  Muriel was also fascinated by the huge array of reasonable priced thrift stores and their collection while Taavet & me were obviously not that crazy about shopping part and just strolled in the main street for a while.  Later on we walked to the pier who gave us a great vista on the marina and the nearby mountains & valleys.

My host Paul introducing  Californian wine to me & my travel buddies Muriel & Taavet.

My host Paul introducing Californian wine to me & my travel buddies Muriel & Taavet.

Paul, a winemaker who moved to Paso Robles, a small town halfway between Los Angeles & San Francisco known for it’s delicious Californian wine, hosted us in his humble house just outside of town. He welcomed us with homemade pizza and gave us a winetasting of some of his favorite wines. Paul moved here just a few months ago but gave us some good advice about must-see places along the coast. We tried to visit Hearst Castle, a sprawling estate of 165 rooms & 127 acres of gardens, pools & walkways along the coast,  but a reservation was required.  Unfortunaly it was fully booked for several days so sadly enough we had to skip it.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

But out journey brought us to Big Sur, a 90-mile stretch of world’s famous coastline along the Pacific with huge, rough cliffs and a road who winds it’s way through it, offering breathtakin’ ocean vista’s!  That brought us to the charming beach town of Carmel near Monterrey with a beautiful white sand beach & Santa Cruz, situated on the lip of Monterey Bay, home to numerous professional surfers.

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