Angel’s Landing

The road to Zion NP

The road to Zion NP

From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the lofty mountains & mesas of Western Colorado and Utah’s soaring stone arches, a varied terrain is out there to surprise us with it’s beauty & diversity.  I was in ‘The Grand Circle’, a land of magnificent natural wonders, rich in cultural traditions & colorful history covering Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada & New Mexico.  It’s an area of National Parks & Monuments laced with National Scenic Byways & dotted with archeological wonders.  Chris & I had to make a selection because one could spend months even years exploring it all!  We started with Zion National Park and as we drove through this wonderland of scenic attractions, we could experience the Native American culture, both ancient & modern.

Melisa, Laura, me, Melody & Chris @ Thai Sapa restaurant (Springdale, Utah)

Melisa, Laura, me, Melody & Chris @ Thai Sapa restaurant (Springdale, Utah)

Springdale is the getaway to Zion NP, a park where nature is at it’s most eloquent.  ‘Zion’ means ‘a place of refuge’ or ‘sanctuary’ and consists of towering sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons, spectacular arches, intermittent waterfalls & sweeping springs.   As we arrived in the late afternoon, we started with the ‘Riverside Walk’, an easy 45-minute walk following the Virgin River along the bottom of a narrow canyon with minor drop-offs.  Cars are not recommended in the park so we took the free shuttle from the Visitor’s Centre to the ‘Temple of Sinawava’ where the ‘Riverwalk’ trail started and on our way back to Springdale we met Laura, Melody & Melisa… 3 Belgian girls who were on a roadtrip through the States as well.  They joined us for dinner in Springdale and you can’t imagine how glad I was to find ‘Thai Sapa’, a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant where we had dinner after days of burgers & fried chicken.

View on main canyon from 'Angel's Landing'

View on main canyon from ‘Angel’s Landing’

The next day we would do a 4-hour hike and we chose ‘Angel’s Landing’.  This rock previously known as ‘Temple of Aeolus’ is a 454m high rock formation.  The trail start gently at the Zion Lodge and wind its way through the main canyon, with its esmerald pools, Virgin river, wooded valley & open desert.  Steep paths along the cliffs bring you to its upper reaches of sandstone with long drop-offs and a steep, narrow ridge to the summit.  Our efforts were rewarded by breathtaking views surrounding us once we reached the summit at ‘Angel’s Landing’.

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  1. jillscherb7 says:

    Great view from the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park in Utah! Glad you got to see that (and hope you got to see the waterfall in that park, too). I lived in Utah for 7 years and never tired of its rocky wonders and amazing outdoor scenery.

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