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The Roswell incident

The Roswell incident

July 1947.  Something happened northwest of Roswell, New Mexico following a severe thunderstorm.

July 8, 1947.  That something was identified in a press release issued by the public information officer at Rowsell Army Airflield Lt. Walter Haut.  Following orders from Colonel William Blanchard, base commander, the headline of the story sent around the world read ‘RAAF captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell region’

The Roswell incident

The Roswell incident

The very next day a different headline & story was released stating ‘General Ramsey empties Roswell Saucer’ stating that the ‘Saucer’ was really a ‘weather ballon’.   With these different stories, the best document recovery of an unidentified flying object and cover-up of the event began.  The story was buried until the mid 1980’s when intrest rekindled and UFO researchers began digging into what happened.

Chris, Max, Karen & myself on Karen's porch

Chris, Max, Karen & myself on Karen’s porch

August 01, 2013.  Chris, my Australian roadtrip buddy & I arrived in the small southern town of Roswell.  When I noticed that Roswell was on my way from Santa Fe to Austin when organizing this road trip, I definitely wanted do a stop in this town, world-renowned for its ‘UFO incident’.   Karen, a lovely local woman kindly accepted us in her house right outside of town.   At our arrival, she invited us for a drink on her porch where we met Max, a young fellow from Arlington, Texas.  Max was working through HelpX on Karen’s property in exchange for food & accommodation.

Karen's beautiful country house

Karen’s beautiful country house

August 02, 2013.  When I woke up the next morning, the sun just came up and shed a beautiful, warm light on Karen’s huge property.  I realized I finally found THE spot I always wanted to see & experience on this road trip.  When cruisin’ the countryside, I wondered how life was in those nice country houses along the way with porches, windmills, huge amounts of land, …  Karen’s house was exactly like that and by accepting us in her home, she gave me an insight in real southern country life.  I simply loved it!

Roswell's UFO museum

Roswell’s UFO museum

In the afternoon, Karen brought us to the UFO musuem right in the town center.  The International UFO museum and Research Center was incorporated in september 1991 and the exhibits were designed to provide information on the Roswell incident and other UFO phenomena.  The Research Library contains thousands of items on UFO’s to space and everything in between but nothing in the museum or library was designed to convince us in any way.  It’s to provide the information and allow us to make up our own mind.

Georgia O'Keeffe's "Ram's Skull with Brown Leaves" - 1936

Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Ram’s Skull with Brown Leaves” – 1936

After the necessary souvenir shops, Karen took us around in town, where everything refers to paranormal phenomenons & UFO’s.  But Karen wanted us also to know that Roswell is more than that and brought us to Pecos Flavors Winery to taste the exquisite local Roswell wines and to the Roswell museum & Patricia Lubben Basset Art Education center.  One of the exhibits was about Dr Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882-1945) and his unique rocket science.   Dr Goddard was a pioneer & with funding arranged by aviator Charles Lindbergh, he brought his laboratory in Roswell and performed numerous test flight there between 1930 & 1946.   Another exhibition was about the portraits & lithographs artist Peter Hurd and about several other painters such as Georgia O’Keeffe.

Karen gave us an amazing time in Roswell and everything we possibly could ask for.  Right before we left, Max got the bad news that his girlfriend was hospitalized.  It was just a normal thing for us to give the young fellah a ride back to Texas after which we continued our road to the hippest city in Texas… Awesome Austin!

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