Endless vista's in Texas

Endless vista’s in Texas

A land of opportunities, pumpjacks, cowboy hats, Texmex bbq, a land where anyone can buy weapons legally, a land where the death penalty still exists…  Right, I’m in the state of Texas!  After a long 10h drive from Roswell, New Mexico through routes with endless vista’s, flat planes and hundreds of wind turbines as far as the eye could reach in small towns such as Roscoe, we finally arrived in Austin.  We stayed with Sean & Marisa, an adorable Phillippino couple from Dallas who moved recently to Austin.  Before going out, Sean made us his famous home-made cocktails.

Tom Odell in concert @ Lambert's

Tom Odell in concert @ Lambert’s

Chris had seen online that the popular British singer/songwriter Tom Odell performed that same night in Lambert Bar on 2nd Street for a small audience and he was very eager to attend that concert.  He convinced us to go all together to the concert.  Unfortunately the concert was sold out but the bouncer adviced us to wait a few moments. A few tickets might be cancelled.  And that’s what we did. We ordered a drink and I noticed a big dude next to me with the perfect smile, perfect hair, … Seemed pretty unreal.  Suddenly Sean says to his wife Marisa ‘It’s Sam ! ‘

Chris & me with actors Genevieve Cortese & Jared Padalecli @ Lambert's, Austin

Chris & me with actors Genevieve Cortese & Jared Padalecli @ Lambert’s, Austin

Full of disbelief, Marisa took a glance to the fellah next to me, got way excited and couldn’t believe her eyes !  I was asking myself what the hell was going on!  Marisa asked that guy if he was Sam.  The big fellah answered ‘Only during weekdays’  Apparently he was a huge Hollywood celebrity  famous for his roles in  ‘Supernatural’, ‘House Of Wax’, ‘Flight Of The Phoenix’, etc.   Jared Padalecli was his name and he appeared to be there with his wife Genevieve Cortese, who was a Hollywood celebrity as well.  I didn’t know them but when Jared heard I was from Belgium, he told me that Genevieve had family there.  Genevieve’s family lives near Leuven and she told me how she now and then travelled to Belgium to visit her family.

Marisa's passion...  cooking delicious food !

Marisa’s passion… cooking delicious food !

We all had nice conversations waiting for the Tom Odell concert.  Jared overheard that we didn’t have tickets yet except for Chris who bought one online and he spontaneously offered one of his extra tickets.  Luckily we found a fellah outside who selled extra tickets for the concert too and off we all were to attend the unique piano sounds & voice of Tom Odell.  Only 50 people attended his concert and the majority didn’t even know him but just heard he was good.  I must say he was amazing!   Goosebumps when I heard the piano & vocal solo’s, beautiful!  The next morning, Marisa cooked us a delicious breakfast while Sean had to leave early for work.

Rehan's Panda Cab

Rehan’s Panda Cab

This lovely couple lives in a beautiful apartment in the outskirts of Austin near Lake Travis with their cute little doggie Lily.  Whether you’re in the mood for live music or mouth-watering BBQ, Austin is a place where you can find it all.  Sean & Marisa were keen to show us all about their beloved city and brought us first to the famous food trucks.  We were already late so most of them were already closed but we managed to find one in ‘Liberty Bar’.  Rehan, a high school friend of Marisa joined us that night.  Rehan worked sometimes as a pedicab but turned his pedicab to a unique one by wearing a panda costume.  Some evenings he even hit the night in his panda costume!  Other nights he  just entertained his guests while driving them home from a night out.  Rehan was quite a celebrity in Austin and so was his ‘Panda Cab

Nightlife in 6th Street with Sean & Chris

Nightlife in 6th Street with Sean & Chris

Finally we hit the Texas’ best known place… the seven block’s of 6th Street, Austin’s entertainment center. With a little help from it’s many like-minded sister streets, 6th Street was the heart of Austin’s live entertainment scene and the capital of third coast music.  From jazz, blues and country to rock, hip-hop, beat, progressive, metal, punk and derivations of these, there’s something to whet everyone’s musical pallete.  Great food is a staple on 6th Street, featuring such regional staples as chili, ribs, and Tex-Mex plus steak, seafood, cajun-cooking and deli.  The streets, bars, food places, … were packed and it seemed to be a huge festival in the city with all kinds of people, some following Austin’s famous slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ way too literally !  But apparently it was just an normal, ordinary ‘Austin’ saturday…

Amy's Ice Cream in 6th Street

Amy’s Ice Cream in 6th Street

On our last day we had to explore downtown.  Totally different than by night but equally interesting with beautiful parks, the river, …  The high summer temperatures brought us to Amy’s, THE ice-cream institution in town serving or ‘throwing’ their costumers delicious & unique ice-cream.  Amy’s Ice-Cream has 11 locations in Austin, 1 in San Antonio & 1 in Dallas.  Every Amy’s always offers seven basic flavors adding daily several creative flavors.  We ended our beautiful day in Barton Springs, a spring-fed swimming hole in Zilker Park.

3 Responses to “Supernatural”
  1. Rehan Arshed says:

    It was such a pleasure to meet you! You are a true badass! I can’t believe you’re going around the world and experiencing everything!!! Safe travels Brotha!!!

  2. jillscherb7 says:

    Sounds like you had a very cool/hot time in Austin, capital of Texas and Keeping it Weird! I hope you got to actually go into the pool at Barton Springs to cool off from the summer heat. All in all, you had a real taste of the town’s culture and even some good music!

  3. jillscherb7 says:

    And, of course, your blog makes me miss Austin, my “hometown” for over 45 years, all the more! If you didn’t get one of the “Keep Austin Weird,” t-shirts, I will personally make sure one is mailed to you somewhere sometime some how!

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