Surfing The Desert



After the 2h morning boat trip in Islas Ballestas, Golnaz & I took the bus to Ica (1h15-35s), a small city in the desert of the Pisco province, 3-4 hours south of Lima.   The concrete houses, dirt roads, graffiti painted walls, street vendors,… reminded me a lot to cities in India.  The delicious & famous Peruvian liquor ‘Pisco’ finds its origins in the Ica region which has Pisco as capital.   There’s not to much to do in Ica but just 5km outside of Ica is the desert oasis Huacachina, famous for it’s extended sand dunes and it’s small lake formed by water emerging from the water table of the Ica river.

Golnaz ready to surf the desert dunes

Golnaz ready to surf the desert dunes

 The waters of Huacachina’s lake are said by locals to possess medicinal properties, as well as being home of an Inca maiden whose tears created the oasis.  The imposing surroundings formed by steep, off-white sand dunes provide the delightful contrast which characterizes this unique area.

Surfing the Huacachina desert @ sunset

Surfing the Huacachina desert @ sunset

Huacachina is now famous for sandboogie’s & sandboarding so after we checked-in in the most recommended place ‘Desert Nights’, facing the desert lake, Golnaz & I treated ourselves on a amazing 2h thrill ride in the sandboogie’s through the dunes that brought us to the best spots to surf the dunes at sunset.  I never had thought this would be such great fun!  Sandboarding in Huacachina always starts at 16pm (40 soles), so you can easily combine it with the morning cruise in Islas Ballestas.  Before the sandboarding I even had time to stroll around the lake and absorb it’s beauty & tranquility.

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