Lake Titicaca: Isla del Sol



Right after lunch in Puno, I went to book my ‘Titicaca Bolivia’ bus to Copacabana, Bolivia who would be approx. a 3h ride.  Again a travel agent proposed me a ticket for 25s.  Luckily I learned from my mistakes a walked a few meters further to the official ‘Titiacaca Bolivia’ desk and booked the ticket for 15s.   Copacabana is a small town right across the Peru-Bolivian border on the shores of world’s highest navigable ‘Lake Titicaca’ and is the perfect getaway to the amazing Isla Del Sol.  I arrived in the evening we were told in the bus that here was a promo in the very nice hotel ‘El Mirador’.  A double room with breakfast, hot water, wifi & beautiful views on the lake for only 40 Bs (4,4 euro)  I didn’t hesitate & booked one right away!  Great choice!  And I would also advice ‘Mauraz Restaurant’ in the main street ‘Avenida De Agosto’, where the extremely friendly staff served me a delicious, 3-course meal for only 25 Bs (2,75 euro)

Bay of Challapampa

Bay of Challapampa

Isla Del Sol is an island north of Copacabana with the small villages of Yamani in the south & Challapampa in the north.  Challapampa is much more authentic & less touristic and that’s why I chose to take the ferry to Challapampa (25Bs – 2h).  This small, authentic town covers 2 breathtaking bays and when I walked up the hills passing farmers, piglets, donkeys, … to visit Pisadas Del Sol, Roca Sagrada & Ruinas Del Norte, I was awestruck by the beauty of this island.  I spent hours looking around, absorbing the beauty of what surrounded me, taking snapshots,…  I simply couldn’t leave and spent the whole day just in the small northern bays of Challapampa.

Bay of Challapampa

Bay of Challapampa

After sunset, I walked the streets of Challapampa and stumbled in this tiny, local restaurant ‘La Nusta’, in the center of the street connecting the 2 main bays.  You wouldn’t expect it but the little old lady who owns the place was just so adorable and she cooked with so much love. Huge portions of delicious food and her lovely self made the evening extremely memorable!

Yumani - South part

Yumani – South part

After a early wake-up call to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the bay, overlooking Isla de la Luna, I geared up and start to hike towards the south of Isla Del Sol.  Leaving Challapampa by the path along the bay, gave me fantastic views on the little town and I spent hours trying to leave this fantastic area.  Walking alone in this beautiful place, crossing locals with their typical outfit & their fancy pets made the experience even more beautiful.  Finally I reached the top of the island where I had great views over the surrounding islands and where the path lead me to the cosy little mountain town of Yumani in the south, where I took the ferry back to Copacabana (20Bs – 1h20)  I strolled around town before taking the 3h bus straight to La Paz the same evening (25Bs – 4h)

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