Patagonia rocks !

Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesús aka Iglesia de los Padres Capuchinos

Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesús aka Iglesia de los Padres Capuchinos

An 11h bus ride brought Wancy & me to one of Argentina’s second largest city, Cordoba aka the heartland of Argentina. Cordoba is as Salta a very European town and is known for its architecture, its iconic music & dancing, the ‘cuarteto’ and its famous signature drink ‘Fernet con cola’.
Once we booked our bus to Buenos Aires for the same evening, we strolled around downtown and did a small city tour visiting Plaza San Martin, Iglesia Cathedral, Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Merced, Cripta Jesuitica del Noviciado Viejo, Iglesia Santa Catalina de Siena, Manzana Jesuitica, La Cañada, Palacio Ferreyra, Iglesia de los Capuchinos and many more…

Evita 'Duarte' Perón & her husband president Juan Domingo Perón

Evita ‘Duarte’ Perón & her husband president Juan Domingo Perón

In the evening we catched the bus (9h) to Buenos Aires where we relaxed for the day in our hotel in the beautiful Palermo area, after 2 nightbusses in a row. We only walked to the ‘Evita’ museum nearby, a museum dedicated to the life of Argentina’s beloved leading lady Evita Duarte better known as Evita Perón after her marriage with Argentina’s president Juan Domingo Perón in 1945.
That same night, we had to wake up at to 2.30am to catch a flight to the end of world… Ushuaia! Unfortunately it was only a stop-over which I regretted deeply.

Mirador de los Condores

Mirador de los Condores

Anyway, we flew straight through to El Calafate, getaway to the wonders of Patagonia. In the airport we had tohe choice to go to El Calafate (60Ps-20 min) or directly to El Chalten (220Ps-3h). Wancy & me decided to catch the bus to El Chalten, 220km northwest of El Calafate and start our Patagonian adventure there first.  El Chalten is a young, pittoresk town considered as the trekking town of Argentina & getaway to Cerro (=mount) Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre & Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares.  This charming village is surrounded by lakes, lagoons, mountains, forests & glaciers offering a wide spectrum of outdoor activities.

Majestic view on Rio de las Vueltas

Majestic view on Rio de las Vueltas

We checked in in Patagonia hostel (95Ps/dorm), a really nice & authentic place close to the center of El Chalten.  Because it was already late, we chose to do a short hike for 40 minutes to ‘Mirador de los Condores’ to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view on the town , the mountain ranges, ‘Rio Fitz Roy’ & ‘Rio de las Vueltas’.
On our second day we hiked for 10 hours via Lago de los Tres to Mount Fitz Roy. That brought us first in a fairytale lengo forest along Rio Blanco where the sun offered us a beautiful soft light shining through the trees. Vast open spaces with a huge palette of colors came next before the 1h climb began to Mount Fitzroy with magnificient views all around on Lago de los Tres.  On our way back, we hiked via Lago Capri with absolutely majestic landscapes & panorama’s till we made in town right after sunset.

Gabirela with her daughters M. Elena & April @ Buenos Aires hostel

Gabirela with her daughters M. Elena & April @ Buenos Aires hostel

The plan on the third day was to do a 6h hike to Lago Torres where you suppose to have a great view on Cerro Torres & Mount Fitzroy but the awful weather with rain and the strongest wind I ever experienced made us cancel that idea.  Instead we took the bus back to El Calafate where Gabriela, a lovely local woman hosted Wancy & me in her peaceful & warm hostel ‘Buenos Aires’, right next to the bus terminal and a 5-minute walk from town. I highly recommend that place if you’re looking to relax in a peaceful environment with a really nice family! Gabriela, her husband Pedro & their daughters April & M. Elena gave us a warm welcome and a homy feeling.

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  1. millynomad says:

    Beautiful pictures, makes me want to be back there soooo badly!

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