The Killing Fields

From April 17th 1975 to January 7th 1979, Cambodja was under the horrifying control of the Khmer Rouge. Million of Cambodians perished under Saloth Sar aka Pol Pot. Most of them ended up in the ‘Killing Fields’, essentially ad hoc places of executions & dumping grounds for dead bodies. One of the most horrifying killing … Continue reading

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, is fairly young, only rising to the role in 1866 but is still a city steeped in tradition & history. The city was a French colony from 1863 to 1953. You can notice the old French buildings amongst the traditional south Asian houses. The people are in my experience extremely … Continue reading


Before re-visiting Angkor, we decided to bike the off-the-beaten track and explore the small villages west of Angkor around West-Baray. We enjoyed the scenery and wherever possible we stopped and talked to the locals to have a glimp of how life is in Cambodja. We first met Pao. She had a small shop along the … Continue reading

Angkor Wat

Siem Reap is the perfect getaway to the mystical temples of Angkor aka Yasodharapura. And so after meeting my dear Italian friend Alessandra, we rented a bike and cycled to this huge forest area.  Angkor counts more than 2000 tempels & spreads out on a total surface of 400km2! It has become the symbol of … Continue reading