Interview Zip World: Discover my world through my videos

I’m honored to announce that I was interviewed by the renowned worldtravellers company of Zip World about my passion for cinematography and travel. Being able to share all those emotions and thoughts with you guys, is something I really cherish. So discover my world through my videos and enjoy the interview. (Only for French speaking … Continue reading

What to pack for a worldtrip ?

In exactly 2 weeks, I will be on my way for a huge journey!  Time to organize things and pack my bags…  But what do I need to pack for a worldtrip?  What are the things I have to think about? As a backpacker, the first and most important thing is of course to choose … Continue reading

Hello World !

What for many years was just a distant dream, just became reality!  On January 1st, I’m leaving all what’s dear to me for about a year but what an exciting new adventure I’ll get in return… a trip around the world!   Discovering what our amazing blue planet has to offer, meeting local people in some of the … Continue reading