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5 Responses to “Where I am”
  1. puzso23 says:

    It is a shame I only found this feature now. It would have been awesome to follow your travels from the office.

    • Well, you can enjoy it now and I’ll keep on travelling so new posts will come. I’m also working on my worldtrip video’s so if you suscribe to my website (see homepage), you’ll be notified whenever I post new stuff.

  2. travelingwithjelle says:

    Hello Didier,

    You got a really nice blog here and i wanted to make a map just like you.
    But I can’t figure how you did it! Made a account on travel buddies, but can’t find a map maker with the accat locations where i have been. And on the web I can’t find annything else.
    Hopefully you want to explain it to me.


    • Hi Jelle,

      thank you for the kind words…
      To set up a map in Travbuddy, it’s very easy, actually. Follow those steps:

      1- Go to http://www.travbuddy.com and log in.
      2- Go to the tab ‘profile’ and select ‘blog’.
      3- Select ‘Create Travel Blog’ and give it the name “My Itinerary’ for example.
      4- After creating your blog, click on “Add Journal Entry”. There you will be asked to give a location, a date, a title (in this case the name of the location) & a description if you want. Than click on “Publish Journal Entry”
      5- Do that for each and every place you visited or will visit.
      6- To see your map, click on “View Expanded Table Of Contents” (in the right column on top of your entries)

      You can make more blogs (itineraries) if you want.
      When you’ve done that, go again to ‘Profile’, than ‘Blog’ and select “View Map Of Travel Blogs”.
      Now you’ll see a map with the itinerary of each separate blog in a different color.


      • travelingwithjelle says:

        Hey Didier,

        Ja waar ook, maar aangezien alles in het Engels staat ga je automatisch ook Engels reageren.

        Maar echt super bedankt man! Ik zal het gelijk even proberen, januari 2015 gaat het pas beginnen maar weten hoe het werkt is wel handig anders is het dan zoon gekloot.

        P.s. nice dat je alles zo in het Engels weet te verwoorden man.
        Zou mij niet lukken een Engelse blog schrijven, nog niet tenminste.
        Misschien aan het einde van mijn reis.

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