Tango Vibes

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

When I hear or read ‘Buenos Aires’, my good friend & teacher Victoria inevitably comes to mind.  I met Vic 2 years ago in Thailand through Alessandra, my good Italian -sorry- Sardinian friend.  We became good friends ever since but unfortunately Vic was travelling herself in Europe by the time.  When she heard I was coming to her hometown, Vic gave me some insightful tips.  Buenos Aires seemed to be one of the most elegant and sophisticated cities in South-America.  South America’s second largest country counts 40 million souls of which 1/3 live in the capital.  Buenos Aires is  located on the shore of the Rio de la Plata and is a huge metropole with a core of majestic architectural glories, museums, art galleries & numerous theatres.  It has a European touch and tasting some tango vibes was one of the must do’s in the capital of tango.

Evita 'Duarte' Perón & her husband president Juan Domingo Perón

Evita ‘Duarte’ Perón & her husband president Juan Domingo Perón

A few days ago, before taking our flight to Patagonia, we were already in Buenos Aires for a day and visited Palermo, a fancy neighbourhood of Buenos Aires with lots f restaurants, pubs, shops, … and the famous Evita museum where we enjoyed a exhibition about Evita’s life.

A crah course of tango @ La Boca

A crah course of tango @ La Boca

Back in Buenos Aires after our adventures in the thunderous glaciers of Patagonia, I joined Wancy again after spending a day in Ushuaia.  We took the bus to ‘La Boca’ to meander along Caminito, a slightly touristic pedestrian walkway lined with murals, statues & colorful corrugated metal houses home to many artists’ studio’s.  Wancy had attended a seductive tango show the night before when i was in Ushuaia and I was getting a tango crash course now in Caminito by a passionate local tango dancer.

Plaza de Mayo & Casa Rosada

Plaza de Mayo & Casa Rosada

Having enjoyed that experience, we took the bus back to the center and strolled in downtown Buenos Aires along places like Plaza San Martin, Calle Florida, Avenida de Mayo, Teatro Colón, Parque Colón, Catedral Metropolitana, Plaza de Mayo with the ‘Casa Rosada’ where Evita used to talk to her people from the famous balcony, Avenida 9 de Julio & it’s landmark ‘Obelisco’, the colonial city hall ‘Cabilda’, …

We stayed only a couple of days in Argentina’s capital and left afterwards for one of the 7 new wonders of the world, the impressive Iguazu Falls in the province of Misiones, located in the north-east of Argentina right at the border with Paraguay & Brazil.

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