This Is Not The End !! (2 minutes video teaser)

Here I am… back in good old Belgium daydreaming about that unforgettable journey I just lived…  I feel so blessed and lucky that I was able to fulfill my dream and it would never had been so memorable without all the great people who crossed my path.  So thank you to all the people I met, the ones who supported me and of course my family & friends back home!  But this is not the end!  As a passionate photographer & filmmaker, I had the opportunity to shoot some great footage during those past 10 months.  I didn’t find the time during my trip to work on that film material,  I had to enjoy my trip instead !  But now that I’m back home, I will enjoy to work on all those memories even more, live all those great moments again and share it with all my dear friends out there.   It will be a lot of work and I will do in chapters (in chronological order) starting with my journey in India.  In the meantime, I made a short teaser to give you a taste of what’s about to come!

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One Response to “This Is Not The End !! (2 minutes video teaser)”
  1. Awesome! Look forward to watching it.

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